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3 Green clay recipes for
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Why you should be drinking clay regularly

If the thought of drinking clay seems incomprehensible, then think again. Clay is one of the most effective natural detox...

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When we over-indulge, it’s time to gently cleanse the body

Any festive season is associated, amongst other things, with over-indulgence.  And, the new year is a wonderful time to start...

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Radiant skin is possible with rose essential oil

Radiant skin is possible with rose essential oil For beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, then it is important you use pure...

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Clean healthy teeth with natural, toothpaste

CLEAN, HEALTHY TEETH WITH NATURAL TOOTHPASTE Since we were kids, we’ve been taught the importance of regularly brushing for...

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Create your own home spa with green marine clay

Clay has been used for centuries for health and beauty remedies, and creating your own home spa is simple and inexpensive...

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Unmask radiant skin – with regular marine clay facial masks

Who doesn’t want gorgeous radiant and healthy skin?  Most of us do, but with so many beauty and skincare products on the...

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Drinking clay? What the detox is that about?

The thought of drinking clay can be daunting for most of us.  However, if you are looking for a natural, cost-effective and...

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What Our Clients Saying about us

“My baby developed a bad nappy rash and I was not happy about treating it with any old cream. My friend recommended Argital and I found it was effective almost immediately.”
“I’ve always used clay masks on my face but I have found that my skin is clearer and smoother since I’ve started using your clay. I love the feeling of my skin. It looks more radiant and glowing. Just love it, thank you ”
“I’ve had a recurring problem with a painful wrist, which felt like joint pain. My daughter recommended I use the mud cream, and I tried it the first time and found within a few hours the pain had lessened. I now use it regularly when I experience this pain. ”
“These are great products and the service is fantastic. Thank you Argital Australia. I will definitely shop on your store again and I will recommend you to everyone I know. ”
“I came across Argital when I was travelling through Italy and I was so impressed I was having it shipped to me by my family. I am thrilled it is now available in Australia.”
“I recently experienced a Holistic Facial at Haberfield Naturopathic Centre. It was a wonderful and positive experience. Maya used an Italian, natural and preservative-free skincare range from Argital. The products smell beautiful and feel wonderful on my skin. My skin felt soft, moisturised and nourished after the treatment, and I felt like I had been completely nurtured and pampered. I highly recommend the Holistic Facial.”
“I love the way the Argital Nourishing Moisturiser feels on my skin. It is the first time that I have used a moisturiser that has left my combination skin feeling like it has had a good, hydrating drink, without leaving a greasy residue on the surface. I regularly use the Anti-Wrinkle Oil on my décolletage and it smells divine”
Jean S
Margaret B