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Argital In Australia

RosaImageAs a natural therapist, I was searching for a quality, natural product range for myself and my family, a product that was natural and preservative-free.  So many commercially available products are laden with harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives and ingredients that are potentially harmful.  I was also looking for a range of products to introduce to my clients in my naturopathic clinic – not just any product, but one that I would be proud to associate with and confident to recommend to others.

I found this in Argital.

Argital products live up to their claims.  They look and smell beautiful, but more importantly, as an Aromatherapist, I know their natural ingredients – such as the pure mineral-rich green clay, the essential oils and the plant extracts – contribute to natural beauty without stripping away or undermining our health and wellbeing. Many of Argital’s products contain organic ingredients, and these have the highest certifications from Demeter, ICEA, AIAB, LAV and ECOCONTROL.

When I discovered Argital, I immediately recognised the quality that I had been looking for.  Not only were Argital products pure, natural, and preservative-free, they were also affordable.  This was important to me.  I had always associated organic and natural with expensive, and I wanted to make sure that this product was not out of range to most people.

With Argital, you are getting quality and value.  With over 35 years experience, Argital is a leader in natural skincare.

I am so enamoured with Argital, that I want to share this with the world, to invite you all to experience the natural beauty of pure, organic skincare.

Argital Australia is the Official Distributor for Argital in Australia, and I am proud to bring this beautiful range of products to you.

Our message is this: “What you put on your skin is just as important to good health as what you feed your body”

Experience the beauty and benefits of Argital preservative-free natural Skincare and Personal Care Products.

Rosa Ghidella
Argital Australia