Clay – An All-In-One Natural First Aider

Clay – An All-In-One Natural First Aider

Accidents, injuries and mishaps can happen anywhere, including around the home.

You know what it’s like:-

  • You’re at home and your child has been stung by a mosquito, bee or a spider; or
  • You’ve burned your hand on the BBQ; or
  • Your partner wakes up with a toothache; or
  • Your child has suffered mild sunburn whilst playing in the park; or
  • A cold sore appears out of nowhere before your big night out; or

Any one of these things are common, everyday mishaps.

What do you reach for?

Instead of reaching out for the over-the counter medications or creams, many of which contain more harmful ingredients than helpful ones, you can treat yourself at home naturally and easily with fine green marine clay.

De-clutter your first aid kit. Throw out the synthetic and chemical-laden creams, lotions and medications.

Fine Green Marine Clay is all you need to treat a range of common ailments and first aid mishaps around the home. Green clay is inexpensive and super effective, without the harsh ingredients of many commonly used products.

The Story about Clay

Clay has been used by indigenous communities as a natural and effective first aid remedy for common ailments. For generations, people have relied on what they can use from the earth to stay well. However, over the years, we have lost touch with the wisdom and remedies of previous generations and turned to man-made products and synthetic treatments.

Clay is a complete, versatile, natural and highly effective first aid kit for the entire family. Clay has anti-bacterial properties and the ability to draw out toxins from the body, whilst replenishing specific minerals.

Create a paste by simply mixing a small amount of clay (start with 1 teaspoon – and never use metal teaspoons, only wooden, plastic or ceramic) and add a small amount of water to create a creamy paste consistency.

You can use this paste to treat common, every day issues that arise around the home. Here are a few remedies:

1. Insect bite and stings

If you or your child have been stung by an insect, clay can help.

  • If the sting is from a bee, scrape the sting off with a sideways motion using a firm object such as a credit card  or fingernail.  Avoid squeezing the venom sac.  Removing the sting quickly means it reduces the amount of venom injected.
  • Apply ice immediately to the area to numb the pain and minimise the spread of the sting.
  •  Apply a small amount of a paste of Argital’s green clay directly onto the
    sting.  Allow to dry and rinse off
  • You can re-apply it, if necessary
  • The clay will draw out the sting and reduce the redness in a very short time
  • If the swelling persists, or there is any allergic reaction, seek medical attention urgently.
2. Burns and blisters

Despite the best intentions, I seem to find a way to burn myself almost every time I’m using the oven. Not sure if I am just clumsy, but I have a sure-fire solution to minimise the pain from those pesky burns.

  • Always treat a burn by immediately holding it under cold running water for up to 20 minutes minutes (standard first aid procedures).
  • Apply a paste of green clay directly onto the burn.
  • The clay has a strong cooling effect, reduces redness and blistering
  • Once dried, rinse under cool water
  • Apply Argital’s Chamomile Cream
3. Mild Sunburn

The Australian sun can be very harsh and some days, despite the best intentions and even with sunscreen, mild sunburn can happen.  If thst is the case, here is a simple technique.

  • Add 2 cups of green marine clay powder to a bath of tepid water and soak.
  • Repeat the next night if necessary.
  • If you don’t have a bath, make up a cream paste with green clay and cool water, apply directly to the sunburn and allow it to dry for about 5 minutes.  Do not allow it to crack dry
  • Then, jump into the shower and rinse off with cool to tepid water
  • Apply Argital’s Chamomile cream to soothe the sunburn
    4. Toothache

    Toothache can strike sometimes out of the blue. Green marine clay can help reduce pain and swelling.

  • Create a paste of green clay and pack the clay around the sore tooth and into the cavity (if one exists) and let it rest
  • No need to rinse as quality marine clay is safe
  • Repeat daily as necessary
5. Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus.  Cold sores are common and once infected, the virus never leaves the body.  Cold sores can remain dormant and it can feel like they appear at the worst possible times.

  • At the first sign of tingling, apply a clay paste directly on the cold sore, allow to dry.
  • The clay helps to draw out the impurities, reduces pain and can clear the cold sore within a few days without any harsh chemicals.
  • Repeat several times a day.