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Every woman wants radiant and young looking skin. Skin that is treated gently, with natural products containing pure and active ingredients, will respond by glowing and radiating good health.

Clay is a natural healer. Argital’s Fine Green Marine Clay is particularly unique and rare because of its marine origin. Rich in minerals such as Silica (important because it regenerates and softens the skin); Magnesium (for improved circulation and skin tone); Calcium (for skin renewal through cell regeneration and anti-oxidant protection), and active enzymes. It is pliable and detoxifying, helping to draw out impurities, as well as possessing powerful anti-ageing properties.

Skin that is regularly treated with Green Clay tends to remain much more supple, toned and radiant. The anti-ageing and shaping properties are given by its colloidal nature. Colloid does not harden, but remains pliable and watery. When green clay is mixed with water it becomes colloidal and pliable, reflecting the state of a healthy, supple, moisturized and toned skin.

Argiltubo renews and smooths skin when used regularly. It contains Argital’s unique Green Marine Clay, gamma-linolenic acid contained in pure borage seed vegetable oil, azulene contained in marigold flower extract and silica contained in equisetum.

Green Clay has the following benefits for beautiful radiant skin:

Creates supple, luminous and radiant skin
Improves skin balance and tone – by stimulating circulation and lymph
Detoxifying – regular use draws out impurities, refines open pores
Reduces inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, spots and pimples
Helps control sebum production in oilier skins
Powerful treatment for rosacea and eczema
Reduces puffiness under the eyes
Promotes softer skin and minimizes fine lines
Excellent natural exfoliant
Absorbs free radicals

How to use Argiltubo Face & Body Clay Mask

Apply generously to face and body. Leave for 10-15 minutes until dry. Wash off with warm water