Baby Protective Cream – Effective against Nappy Rash




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Argital’s Protective Cream is a highly effective, 100% natural cream, clinically proven to treat even the most severe nappy rash. This beautiful cream helps to soothe and heal nappy rash, nourish the skin and provide a gentle, effective barrier protection to help prevent further nappy rash.

Emollient, allergen-free and non-irritant.

Key ingredients include:-

Pure Violet extract to soothe and heal chafed and irritated skin
Sweet Almond Oil, rich in olein glyceride oleic and linoleic acid, proteins and vitamin D
Rich Jojoba Oil to heal and nourish the skin
Pure Calendula flower extract to heal and soothe irritation
Green marine clay gel, rich in silica and highly healing

Directions for Use

Apply cream liberally to clean skin as often as required. Reapply at each nappy change.