Pure Lavender Floral Water Hydrosol




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Argital’s pure Floral Waters and Hydrosols are made with the purest ingredients. They are versatile and gentle, and can be used as natural facial toners, body fresheners and even as a chemical-free deoderant. Our Floral Waters can also be used as natural room fragrances. No harmful additives or preservatives.

Lavender Floral Water Hyrdrosol can be used on all skin types.
Versatile and healing, our delicately fragranced Lavender Floral Water can be used to regenerate maturer or sensitive skins. It can help to reduce inflammatory skin conditions and soothe mild sunburn.

Product Tip: Lavender is considered to have highly relaxing properties. Spritz Argital Lavender Floral Water Hydrosol on your pillow and face before bed to help promote more relaxed sleep.