Brightening Skin Pack

Brightening Skin Pack

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Radiant Skin is achievable when you know the right products to use. Natural skincare with pure, natural ingredients feed the skin to bring out the best of your natural skin.  No harsh chemicals and synthetic products, our skin needs food to help it regenerate and glow.

This beautiful pack is all about brightening skin to reveal beautiful natural looking skin.

For the face: Argital's Brightening Face Cleanser is a foaming cleanser that gently "polishes" the skin to remove dead skin cells and to reveal a brighter complexion.  The beautiful aptly-named Moon Brightening Cream and Brightening Oil, with pure Rose essential oil, leave the skin feeling deeply nourished.

For the body: Our Free Himalayan Salt Chi Ball allows you to massage away tension from your feet (roll your feet over the ball or add it to a foot bath to release the healing and relaxing properties of magnesium and himalayan salt.

Total Value of Pack: $165

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