Summer Body Bag
Summer Body Bag

Summer Body Bag

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With Summer already here, we are so fortunate that we can enjoy our stunning beaches and the summer sun.  

This Christmas share the summer fun with our beautiful Summer Body Bags, packed with every item you will need to get you through the long, lazy days on the beach.

Our Sunday Calm Beach & Market Bag, with a beautiful Palm Leaf Trim, is the perfect size & sturdy enough to keep everything you need for your day in the sun & big enough to take to the market. 

Keep the Mozzies Away: Argital Mosquito Defence Water is a natural, chemical-free & pesticide-free insect repellant that is pleasant smelling and effective. 

Blue Bottle Stings & Rashes: Green clay is a great applicant to ease stings & draw out the bite from blue bottles and other nasties on our beaches.

Natural Sun Protection: Our friends @ Seagull Milk produce one of the most natural & effective 50+ SPF Sunscreen

Natural Deodorant: We love our Black Chicken Natural Deodorant Paste to keep you feeling confident no matter how hot & sweaty summer gets

Summer Body Bag includes:-

  • Sunday Calm Beach & Market Bag 
  • Argital Mosquito Defence Water 90 ml
  • Argiltubo Green Clay Mask 50 ml
  • Black Chicken Remedies Natural Deodorant 75 gm
  • Seagull Milk 50+ SPF Natural Sunscreen 100 gm

Total Value is $130

Our Special Price is $105