What you are saying about us ~ thank you

This is such a lovely cream
Jenn | Haberfield, Sydney
“My hairdresser recommended I consider the Violet Cream after I reacted badly to a hair dye he used.  My skin is prone to eczema but the rash left by the dye was intense. The Violet Cream helped ease the irritation and within a few days, most of it had cleared”.


I am in love with Argital’s clay
Selina | Belmore, Sydney
“I purchsed the green clay on the recommendation of a friend. I love how my skin feels. My skin is starting to show signs of ageing but I find when I apply a weekly clay mask, my skin just feels clearer, more radiant.”


I was so impressed with how quickly the Argital Baby Protective Cream soothed my baby’s rash
Sarna | Burwood, Sydney
“My baby developed a bad nappy rash and I was not happy about treating it with any old cream. My friend recommended Argital and I found it was effective almost immediately.”


My skin is clearer and smoother since I’ve started using your clay
Cassandra | Carramar, Sydney
“I’ve always used clay masks on my face but I have found that my skin is clearer and smoother since I’ve started using your clay. I love the feeling of my skin. It looks more radiant and glowing. Just love it, thank you ”


Within a few hours the pain had lessened
Sandra | Mortlake, Sydney
“I’ve had a recurring problem with a painful wrist, which felt like joint pain. My daughter recommended I use the mud cream, and I tried it the first time and found within a few hours the pain had lessened. I now use it regularly when I experience this pain. ”


Jean S | Five Dock, NSW, Australia
“These are great products and the service is fantastic. Thank you Argital Australia. I will definitely shop on your store again and I will recommend you to everyone I know. ”


Diana | Sydney
“Hi, I just wanted to share how wonderful the Chamomile cream is for mild burns. I was baking recently and burned my forearm as I was taking a tray out of the oven and could see the start of an ugly red burn mark on my arm. I ran my hand under some cold water and remembered the Chamomile cream. I immediately applied it to the area, and found that within about 10-15 minutes the sting was gone and within about 30 minutes the redness had eased by quite a lot. I have not had any scarring. I’ve been also applying it to my kids’ faces after being out in the sun. Love the fragrance! ”


I am thrilled this is now in Australia
Adriana | Leppington, Sydney
“I came across Argital when I was travelling through Italy and I was so impressed I was having it shipped to me by my family. I am thrilled it is now available in Australia. ”


My skin felt soft, moisturised and nourished
Margaret B | Carlton
“I recently experienced a Holistic Facial at Haberfield Naturopathic Centre. It was a wonderful and positive experience. Maya used an Italian, natural and preservative-free skincare range from Argital. The products smell beautiful and feel wonderful on my skin. My skin felt soft, moisturised and nourished after the treatment, and I felt like I had been completely nurtured and pampered. I highly recommend the Holistic Facial. ”


I love the way the Argital Nourishing Moisturiser feels on my skin
RG | Ashbury, Sydney
“I love the way the Argital Nourishing Moisturiser feels on my skin. It is the first time that I have used a moisturiser that has left my combination skin feeling like it has had a good, hydrating drink, without leaving a greasy residue on the surface. I regularly use the Anti-Wrinkle Oil on my décolletage and it smells divine ”


Value for money of products that are of such high quality
Rose | Leichhardt, Sydney
“What I love about Argital is the value for money of products that are of such high quality. I’d always had the impression that organic and natural products were very expensive. We sell Argital in our natural health clinic, use it as part of our massage therapy practice and now offer facials to our clients using the Argital Face and Body Line. The Argital Cream with Camphor & Thyme has been very popular with our clients with muscular aches and pains, and I have received positive feedback on the Copper Cream from clients with arthritic fingers and joints. I have also used the Chamomile cream on my clients undergoing radiotherapy. The response has been very positive. Personally, I love the Eucalyptus Cream, its lightness and its fragrance; I find this to be really effective during the winter months. ”


I have my life back!
Jean | Noosaville Qld
“ A friend had taken the drinking clay with great results and suggested I try it for my chronic fatigue. To be honest I have never believed in all these “natural cures” but she kindly gave me a week’s supply and so knowing she would question me later I took it. At the end of the first week, I felt a little improvement so placed my first order. Two weeks later there was a marked improvement. My energy levels were much better and I was able to start going for walks. Prior to the chronic fatigue I had always been very active. Went for long walks and was a gym junkie! As you can imagine I was devastated when the C.F hit and I could barely walk to the end of the drive let alone hike around the National Parks. So many of my friends have commented on my new found energy levels. At present I have eight of them trialling it!! These days I am on a constant high……I am just so grateful to be enjoying a normal life again. I am now going for walks and hope to rejoin the gym in another week or so. Should I be asked to give it a mark I would definitely have to give it a ten! And this from a total sceptic! I felt I just had to write and thank you….I have my life back! ”


… love using the products.
Pauline Mitchell | Minchinbury, Sydney
“I was introduced to the Argital skincare range in February this year (2011) & love using the products. Normally hair conditioner is difficult to rinse from my hair, but the Argital product rinses quickly & always leaves my hair feeling very soft. I use the rose facial cream & love the way my facial skin looks after application, plus the fragrance is divine. A friend who makes jewellery must wash her hands frequently & found the baby protective cream eliminated the redness & cracking that she was experiencing. She tells me the cream is not greasy and absorbs very quickly which is essential when working with crystals & other jewellery raw products. ”


Thank you for such beautiful Argital products
Irene | Neutral Bay, Sydney
“ Thank you for such beautiful Argital products. They made my skin feel so soft and supple. My favorite is the Anti-Wrinkle Oil and my face seems to glow when I apply it under my makeup.”


The green clay toothpaste completely removed a few stains that I had on my front teeth
Angela | Galston, NSW
“When I visited my Father at Xmas, he complained of a bad smell in his breath due to gum disease which his dentist said could not be cured. He has tried many different tooth products. I had the sage and green clay toothpaste which I had been using just for about four weeks. After the first two weeks, the green clay toothpaste had completely removed a few stains that I had on my front teeth. I recommended this to my Father to use. After one day he said the smell had gone. I gave him my toothpaste and have ordered three more for him which I will send tomorrow. I told him not to use any toothpaste’s with Fluoride again. ”


I love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner
Angela | Galston, NSW
“Hi, Thank you for my order which I received today. I just used the shampoo and conditioner and I love the smell & just knowing that it is all natural makes washing my hair a very happy experience. Thanks again ”


My adult acne has cleared dramatically
Julie | Drummoyne, Sydney
“I have been so embarrassed with my adult acne – I am 43 years old – but didn’t know what products I could use. I don’t like harsh products like Clearasil because I know how many chemicals they have. I started using the Argital Argiltubo Clay Mask on my face 2 x a week when it was very bad and found my skin felt really soft afterwards. In a few weeks, my acne has cleared dramatically and almost disappeared. I now use it once a week and love it. My skin feels soft, smooth and much clearer ”


Huge improvement in my back acne
Joanne | Concord, Sydney
“As a 40-year old adult, I had a problem with acne on my back, which makes me feel self-conscious and has stopped me from wearing what I like. I have seen a huge improvement since I started applying the Argiltubo Clay Mask on my back. I apply it all over my back and décolletage once a week and leave it for 10-15 minutes, and then just jump in the shower and wash it off. I use this in conjunction with Argital’s Shower Gel and am very happy with the results ”


My pigmentation is improved
Anna | Manly, Sydney
“I am loving the Argital Bleaching Cleanser. I have slight pigmentation on my cheeks and have been looking for a natural product that would help to address this. I have very sensitive skin and am very particular about what I use. I found that cleansing my face with a Clarisonic system and the Argital Bleaching Cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and not feeling tight as it used to with other commercial products. My sensitive skin has responded really well to it. ”


Thank you for introducing me to Argital products
Jenny Clarke | Sydney
“Thank you for introducing me to Argital products. I started using the Argital Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser a few months ago as it was recommended to me for my dehydrated skin. I have a tendency to get dry patches around my chin area as well as nose and forehead which made my make-up look cakey and flaky. The first time I applied the cream, my skin drank it up within minutes. I loved the way it responded quickly to my skin problems and gave my skin a sense of nourishment and re-hydration without making it feel oily or shiny. This product has been the most effective skin care I have used to date as it not only tackled my skin’s dehydration problem but it also minimized my fine lines on my forehead. I was shocked to read recently that some of the well-known skin care companies continue to use ingredients such as “Ethanolanine” in their skin care range. This article went on to explain that this ingredient is a known human carcinogen and is considered a corrosive chemical which, when in contact, can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes with possible eye damage. As I become more aware of the harmful toxic skin care ingredients I am more conscious and mindful about only using products that advocate purer skin care with natural ingredients. I have started introducing other Argital products into my daily routine and can honestly say that it is evident to me that Argital is a quality & superior product.”


The beautiful Relaxing Shower gel and I LOVE IT!
Lisa | Burwood, Sydney
“I am currently using the beautiful Relaxing Shower gel and I LOVE IT! ”


I feel more relaxed
Shannon | Sydney
“I have always bought my family’s cosmetics and skincare products from the supermarket or department stores. However, in recent years, I have become more discerning about mine and my family’s health. I now read labels on my food and read the ingredients on all the products I put on my skin. I am really concerned that we have such little awareness in this country of the harsh chemicals used in readily available, every day products. I work long hours standing and my feet get hot, tired and sore. I started using the Argital fine, green clay in a regular foot bath and sometimes in a bath, and I have found that my feet are no longer as fatigued or swollen, and overall, I feel more relaxed ”


The Cream with Camphor & Thyme was a miracle worker for me
Helena | Croydon, Sydney
“The Mud Cream was a miracle worker for me. I had a pain on the top right thigh which was there for a long time and I learnt to live with it. I couldn’t tell if it was muscular or joint pain. It got worse to the point where I was considering having an xray to determine the cause. My massage therapist told me about the mud cream, so I gave it a go. To my surprise, the next day, after just one application, the pain was significantly less, and then in a few days, the pain had disappeared. What a relief to treat it so simply without the hassle and exposure to the dangers of an xray. ”


I am drinking clay!
Sophia Reed | North Strathfield, Sydney
“I read an article about the benefits of drinking clay and decided to give it a try. I take it daily, it is easy to prepare and I don’t mind the taste – a little earthy, but definitely not unpleasant. After 5 weeks drinking the clay every day, I am feeling energetic and really well. ”