Unmask radiant skin – with regular marine clay facial masks

Unmask radiant skin – with regular marine clay facial masks

Who doesn’t want gorgeous radiant and healthy skin?  Most of us do, but with so many beauty and skincare products on the market, it can be somewhat overwhelming knowing what to do.

Great skin requires attention from both the inside and out.  Expensive skincare products are not always the answer as they can be laden with chemicals and synthetics that, in the long term, could further undermine your skin.

Sometimes, it is as simple as going back to basics…like a quality clay facial mask!

A bit about our skin

Our skin is our largest organ, connected to every other system in our bodies.  Its primary purpose is to protect internal organs as well as keeping infections and other pathos out of our body.

The quality of our skin is a major indicator of our internal health and general wellbeing.  When we are sick, tired, stressed or neglecting our internal health, it is usually our skin that betrays us to the world.

Our skin is made up of three major layers – epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis (also called the subcutaneous tissue).   It loses somewhere between  30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute, and shed a layer of dead cells every 24 hours and renews itself about every 28 days.

A bit about Argital’s Fine Green Marine Clay

Clay is a natural healer.    Argital’s Fine Green Marine Clay is rich in minerals such as silica (important because it regenerates and softens the skin); calcium (for cell regeneration), and active enzymes.  It is pliable and detoxifying, helping to draw out impurities, as well as powerful anti-ageing properties.

Skin that is regularly treated with Green Clay and Argital cosmetics tends to remain much more supple, toned and radiant.  The anti-ageing and shaping properties are given by its colloidal nature.  Colloid does not harden, but remains pliable and watery. When green clay is mixed with water it becomes colloidal and pliable, reflecting the state of a healthy, supple, moisturized and toned skin.

The benefits of green clay for radiant skin:
  • Creates supple, luminous and radiant skin
  • Improves skin balance and tone – by stimulating circulation and lymph
  • Detoxifying – regular use draws out impurities, refines open pores
  • Reduces inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, spots and pimples
  • Helps control sebum production in oilier skins
  • Powerful treatment for rosacea and eczema
  • Reduces bags under the eyes
  • Promotes softer skin and minimizes fine lines
  • Excellent natural exfoliant
  • Absorbs free radicals
How to use Argital’s Fine Green Clay

Simple to use, choose from 2 options:-

Argiltubo Face & Body Clay Mask – Prepared Fine Green Clay with essential oils – already prepared and ready to apply directly on face or body
Fine Green Clay – create your own personal facial mask by adding specific essential oils and vegetable oils from our accompanying recipe booklet