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Clay : A Gentle Detoxifier

Any festive season is associated, amongst other things, with over-indulgence.  It can be difficult to withhold from all of the wonderful treats available to us over this time. Well, the new year is a wonderful time to start afresh. We tend to rethink our goals and commit to a healthier way of life. A daily, gentle detox program helps our bodies to eliminate the excesses of the festive period.   Over-eating and drinking can lead to a sluggish digestive system and this can lead to other health problems.  Our bodies sometimes need a rest from this.

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Green Clay: Powerful First Aid Solution

Accidents, injuries and mishaps can happen anywhere, including around the home. You know what it’s like:- You’re at home and your child has been stung by a mosquito, bee or a spider; or You’ve burned your hand on the BBQ; or Your partner wakes up with a toothache; or Your child has suffered mild sunburn whilst playing in the park; or A cold sore appears out of nowhere before your big night out; or Any one of these things are common, everyday mishaps. What do you reach for? Instead of reaching out for the over-the counter medications or creams, many of which contain more harmful ingredients than helpful ones, you can treat yourself at home naturally and easily with fine...

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Fine Green Marine Clay For Health & Beauty

Green Clay is a natural healer and acts gently, yet powerfully on the body. Indigenous communities have relied on what they can find on the land for their health needs.Fine Green Marine Clay is a versatile product that can replace many products sitting in your medicine cabinet. Rich in minerals such as Silica, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium as well as other trace elements, Argital's green clay is helpful in treating a range of skin conditions as well as reducing aches and pains.

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